John D.Myers: Photographic Art from Nature: Photographs that Inspire







John Myers

John D.Myers: Photographic Art from Nature: Photographs that Inspire

Englewood, FL


The thing I love most about being a landscape/beauty of nature photographer is that it puts me in a frame of mind where I am always looking for beauty to share with others. I also love that the work gets me out in beautiful natural environments, a bit more than I might otherwise.

I began experimenting with photography as a teenager when I inherited my grandfather's semi-pro gear. I have been fortunate enough to travel to 49 states and most of our national parks, and through these experiences I developed a passion for the beauty of our natural world and consequently a passion for protecting it. At Miami University (Ohio) I was a staff photographer for the newspaper and the yearbook. There I also had the opportunity to experiment with the darkroom aspect of photography. Since 1999 I have been a Certified International Tour Manager and have traveled extensively through the American West and the national parks and monuments there. I have lived in Venice, Florida for the past six years and thus have focused my lens on the natural beauty here. Today I use a Sony A65 DSLT to capture the beauty I see in the natural world around me. I started Photographic Art from Nature-Photographs that Inspire, in March 2011. I have shown and had my photographs available for sale at the Venice (Florida) Art Center and the Venice West Gallery and Ebay. My photo: 4 palms Reflected in Myakka Lake received a Merit Award in the H2O Show at the Venice Art Center in June 2011.

I hope that the beauty shown in my photographs may inspire the viewer to become actively involved in protecting our natural environment and all of the life of our precious planet Earth.


Grass Pink bouquet by John Myers


Bluebells and red rock by John Myers


Wild sunflower by John Myers


Red Sandstone Sclupture by John Myers


Shells and splashes by John Myers


Western Colorado cloudscape by John Myers


Two shells on the beach by John Myers


Sunset embrace by John Myers


Yellow bellied sapsucker and coconut palm by John Myers


Two lovers sunset beach walk by John Myers


Colorful palm tree trunk abstract by John Myers


Scarlet seagrape leaf still life by John Myers


Penstamins and Ponderosas by John Myers


The mule and Independence Rock by John Myers


Shells on the beach by John Myers


Lake Isabelle and the continental divide by John Myers


Pawnee Buttes by John Myers


Lavendar thistles in bloom by John Myers


Four elk four aspen by John Myers


Elk grazing in early spring by John Myers


Aspen eye by John Myers


Venice Theater by John Myers


Gazebo in Centennial Park by John Myers


Historic KMI Building by John Myers


Venice Army Air Base entrance by John Myers


Downtown historic Venice by John Myers